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Our conservation practice is no longer accepting projects. This website documents our projects and publications from 2010-2017.

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Caryatid Conservation Services, Inc., a private art-conservation practice, operated in Miami from 2010-2017, offering professional services to care for and preserve sculpture, three-dimensional art objects, and artifacts. Our trained museum conservators specialized in assisting museums to achieve their conservation goals from assessment to treatment to installation. We also worked with private clients to ensure that their objects received museum-quality conservation care.
During our period of operation, Caryatid Conservation specialized in all aspects of object and sculpture conservation and some aspects of textile conservation. We provided a range of services to museums, art galleries, historic-preservation specialists, appraisers, and private collectors. We worked with allied professionals to deliver comprehensive services to our clients. To learn more about our projects, please explore this website. To find a conservator based in Florida, please consult the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works.

​​ ​Stephanie Hornbeck, Director of Conservation
Smithsonian Secretary G. Wayne Clough, Stephanie Hornbeck & Director Johnnetta B. Cole at Smithsonian Institution Haiti Convocation and Gold Medal Ceremony.​​ Stephanie's professional foundation consists of twelve (12) years of experience at the Smithsonian Institution, where she is now a consultant. She has treated hundreds of objects, participated in over 25 exhibition installations, conducted technical research, undertaken computed radiography, and provided consultations to curators, collectors, and fine art packers. Stephanie is a graduate of an accredited fine art conservation graduate program and a professionally trained object conservator. She is a Professional Associate of the American Institute of Conservation (AIC).   
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Smartphone Colorimeter Technology:
Practical Applications for the Conservator
          This two part spotlight will explore in more depth a Colorimeter Technology project taken on  by Intern, Sarah Towers and Technician, Kimberly Frost.
Looking for an older Spotlight article; find it in archived in the Spotlight Projects & Events.
What is a "Caryatid"? 

A caryatid [kar-ee-at-id] is a column sculpted in the form of a female figure. Although the word and sculptural type are Greek in origin, caryatids are found in sculpture across cultures.

How is "conservation" different from "restoration?"

The term "restoration" is sometimes erroneously used interchangeably with "conservation." 
Conservation describes an overall professional and ethical methodology of caring for art objects and cultural patrimony. Conservation focuses on preservation, including both preventive/non-invasive methods, as well as repair and restoration with stable and largely reversible materials. An important aspect of conservation is the documentation of condition, stages of treatment, and materials throughout the treatment process.
A conservator is a trained professional with a degree from an accredited graduate program in fine art conservation or historic preservation. Conservators specialize by material category and do not treat all materials (i.e. an object conservator does not treat paper).


Restoration  is one area of conservation which focuses solely on the compensation of lost (missing) areas or components. Restoration involves the addition of new, non-original material to the object.